7 Facts About Vaping & Quitting Smoking

Jamie Hartmann-Boyce (Cochrane Tobacco Addiction Group and “Let’s Talk E-cigarettes” Podcaster) and Martin Dockrell (Office of Health Improvement and Disparities) have created a document explaining 7 facts related to quitting smoking and using e-cigarettes.

You can read the document here – “7 things to know about e-cigarettes and quitting smoking“.

This is all factual as the information is also provided by the Cochrane Living Review of e-cigarettes and smoking cessation which is regularly updated with new research as it arrives.

I quote from the opening section…

“The Cochrane living review of e-cigarettes for smoking cessation brings together the best available research evidence to examine the effectiveness, tolerability, and safety of using electronic cigarettes (ECs) to help people who smoke tobacco achieve long‐term smoking abstinence. The evidence is gathered monthly and systematically reviewed with emphasis on quality control to improve knowledge and to feed into healthcare decisions.”

So as mentioned above this is then categorised into 7 main points. Hopefully this should make it easier to get the main facts across to someone who doesn’t want to spend 4 hours reading a whole scientific paper.

7 Facts…
1.Quitting cigarettes even for a few days can benefit your health.
2.Will power is important, but it is rarely enough.
3.Combine different types of support for the best quit rates.
4.E-cigarettes are an effective tool to help people stop smoking.
5.People who switch from smoking to vaping are likely to improve their health.
6.Misplaced fears about EC (Electronic Cigarette) safety may be putting smokers off switching.
7.Combustible cigarette use is reducing across the world. The UK is one of the countries aiming to become smoke free.

All the above are expanded and references given to back up the facts.

It is also very positive about vaping! Get sharing these facts!