How did you feel when you first saw a smoke trick? Impressed, right? Smoke tricks look cool and they’ve been used in different places for a long, long time.

However, there is a limit to the tricks you can perform with cigarette smoke due to its thin nature.

But with vaping, you can do amazing tricks. In fact, with the thicker and fuller clouds, you can produce more highly defined and interesting vape tricks. That’s another reason to kick smoking and start vaping.

7 Amazing Vaping tricks that make you look like a genius
You need to choose the right e-liquid if you want to do these amazing vape tricks. These tricks involve inhaling and blowing out a large amount of vapour. That’s why it is recommended to choose high VG juice. That way, you would get a large cloud size with a less intense throat hit.

However, when you inhale a lot of nicotine, you become dizzy, so you may decide to opt for e-liquids with no nicotine. You can also use plain VG juice, having no nicotine and no flavor.

Apart from e-liquids, you also need an RDA or sub-ohm tank for denser, bigger clouds. You can get the best tanks and hardwarehere.

Lastly, try to practice these tricks in a room that doesn’t have too much airflow. You can turn off the air conditioner or fan, and close the winder.

Now, let’s move into these 7 amazing vape tricks:

French Inhale
The French inhale is a subtle trick that’s also known as the Irish Waterfall. It was made famous in the classic Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg video. Just like a waterfall in reverse, vapour flows up from the mouth and gets inhaled through the nostrils.

To perform the French inhale, take a drag and let the vapour settle without inhaling. Then open your mouth slowly, and with your bottom jaw out, allow the vapour to come out slowly. Inhale the vapour with your nostrils and enjoy.

The Dragon
You may think this trick is complicated but it’s easy to do. You just need a little practice.

To perform The Dragon, you blow out vapour from four areas: the corners of your mouth and your two nostrils.

You have to keep the center of your lips touching to exhale through the sides of your mouth. Just a little practice and you will get it right.

However, you need to take a long pull without inhaling. This helps to produce better vapour clouds. Once you have the vapour in your mouth, wait for a while, and then push it through the corners of your mouth and your nose at the same time.

Note that you have to push the vapour out with some force and as quickly as possible.

You can add a mean glare while exhaling to make you look like a scary genius.

The Ghost hit
This trick involves exhaling and sucking a cloud of vapour back in.
To perform this trick, take a long pull of vapour, but do not inhale. Allow the vapour to stay in your mouth for a few seconds, then push it out slowly. As soon as you exhale the vapour, rapidly suck it back in.

Knowing how to do the ghost hit would help in more complicated tricks. So it is one skill you should learn at the beginning of your vaping practice.

The Tornado
You can create a tornado using your vape device. This vape trick is easy and requires you to use your hands. When you give out the vapour clouds, you simply use one hand to make it swirl to form a tornado.

You need a flat, sturdy surface to perform this trick. Hence, do not try it in your car.

The first thing to do is sit in front of a table, take a long drag, then bend to put your mouth as close to the table’s surface as possible. Release the vapour slowly to have it dense and contained.

After release, all the vapour, put your hand in the center of the cloud, and quickly raise your arms like you’re reverse chopping the vapour. Move back and see how the twister shape takes form.

You can control the flow of your cloud of vapour when you exhale by blowing into an empty toilet paper roll. With practice, you’ll do amazingly well with this trick.

The big Os
One technique to master to move from the easy vape tricks to the advanced ones is to create rings of vapour of blow Os while you exhale. This trick requires enough practice, and you’ll be able to blow strings of Os, and even alter their size and shape.

Here is a step-by-step process to practice the big Os:

Step I: Inhale and keep vapour in your mouth. Don’t take too a large inhale for a start.

Step II: Lower your tongue to rest at the base of your mouth. Push the back of your tongue towards the back of your throat.

Step III: Move your lips to form an O-shape around your teeth. Keep your lips taut and don’t push them out like a kiss.

Step IV: Pulsate the back of your throat and push the vapour out like you’re coughing. You can make the ring large or small, depending on how you round your mouth during exhalation.

The Jellyfish
This trick makes your cloud looks like a jellyfish moving underwater. It is a technique that makes you look like a vaping genius in the midst of a crowd.

To perform this trick, first, blow a large vapour forming the O-ring and push it in a gentle manner with one hand. Quickly take another drag and slowly drop the exhale in the middle of the ring. You can liken this trick to ghost inhaling.

Your exhale moves through the O-ring like a jellyfish and you sit back looking like a genius.

Once you’re good with blowing Os, you can alter their shape using your hands after exhaling.

To perform the triangles, start by taking a long drag, then exhale a ring of vapour to form an O-shape. As you exhale, quickly tap a side of the ring and it would bend into a triangular shape.

However, note that the timing of your hand is important to get the right result. You can play around with vapour and how to push and tap it. Once you get the timing right, you will start producing awesome triangles.

Final Remark
Now that we’ve shown you these 7 amazing vape tricks, you can practice them to build your skillset. With time, you’ll master them and vape like a genius. You can check outour store for the best collection of quality supplies.

After you’ve mastered these vape tricks, you can challenge yourself to try more advanced tricks. You can even try to some vaping competitions if you’re feeling really confident.