6 Valuable Tips to Enjoy Vaping Without Attracting Attention

For many people who enjoy vaping, a good portion of the fun involves exhaling thick, voluminous clouds of vapour after every hit. There are even tricks that can be done to produce clouds in all sorts of creative shapes. For others, however, the extra attention that these clouds attract is something they’d want to avoid altogether. Also, thick vapour can be considered inappropriate or rude in certain situations, so it’s best to know how to be discreet when enjoying your vape.

In this guide, we’ll go over a few tips you can follow in such times. Learn more about them in the sections below.

1. Have a vaping kit for every situation
You don’t have to completely forego your ability to make thick vapour clouds. If you buy several vaping devices for different occasions, then you can simply take the appropriate one with you wherever you go. A vape pen, for instance, is compact and may be ideal if you expect to be making use of it in large crowds or public spaces.

2. Stick to lower VG liquids
By choosing vape juice with lower amounts of vegetable glycerine, you can continue vaping while simultaneously lessening the amount of vapour produced. Another alternative is to use propylene glycerine-based liquids, which also tend to produce thinner clouds and may even enhance flavour and throat hit.

3. Increase the ohm rating
Setting your ohm rating to higher levels means that the power output that runs through the coil is lowered. This makes your vape device produce less vapour in the process. Another method is to increase the wattage, which will have a similar effect.

4. Lessen the airflow
Some vape kits allow the user to control the amount of air that enters the device. The greater the airflow, the more vapour will come out each time you take a hit. If your device has this feature, you can set it to a lower level so that the clouds produced aren’t so thick.

5. Go for higher nicotine content
Choose higher nicotine vaping liquids as they can help you vape less. The logic here is that when each hit you take is more substantial and satisfying, you’re less likely to crave for more afterwards.

6. Mind your technique
One way to produce thinner vapour clouds is by diluting the vapour inside your lungs. You can do this by continuing to inhale even after you’ve already let go of the on button. Hold the vapour in your lungs for a moment and then exhale slowly through your mouth. This method can produce much less noticeable clouds.

Wrapping up
For a final word of advice to make your vaping more stealthy, try to hold your device in such a way that your hand covers most of it as you inhale, especially the parts that light up and draw attention. Remember these tips the next time you want to sneak a puff, as not everyone will be tolerant of your vaping habits. Also, make sure you stick to high-quality kits and juices so that your experience remains just as enjoyable.