6 Tips to Enhance your Vape Flavours

There are different kinds of vapers.

There are those who are in it for the fun of the vapour clouds (aka cloud chasers) and those who are after the flavour (flavour chasers). And everything in between, of course.

If you are looking to get the most out of your favourite e-liquid flavours (we all do), you will be delighted to know there are things you can do to enhance those flavours even more.

1.Tweak your Wattage and Temperature
Temperature has an effect on flavour and how things taste, generally-speaking.

So, the elements of your vape juice may taste different when subjected to different temperature ranges – some taste richer at 30W, others sweeter at 20W. Just to use an example.

All e-liquids have a different optimal temperature, so it’s not a case of one-size-fits-all.

For this reason, having a variable wattage/voltage unit allows you to tailor each flavour to its most ideal taste – a luxury not accorded by basic devices.

That said, start off low and then bring up the temperature little by little until you establish what temperature works best for each particular juice.

2.Limit Airflow
Cloud chasers love a device with plenty of airflow because good airflow around the coil results in the production of giant clouds.

On the downside, this takes away a lot of your flavour.

Thus, to improve the taste of your e-liquid, it is good to limit the amount of airflow getting into the device.

Dense and warm vaping are excellent conditions as far as flavour is concerned, but that is not to be misinterpreted to mean hotter is always better. Experimenting with different airflows on your vapour chamber is key.

A vape device with an adjustable airflow allows you to do this.

3.Proper E-Juice Storage
The juice itself could be the reason you are not able to unlock your flavours in all their magnificence.

Poor e-liquid storage methods, for example, lead to a degradation of vape flavour.

Avoid direct sunlight and warm areas. Instead, opt for cool and dry places – drawers and cupboards located away from the sun and heat sources, for instance.

As well, minimise the amount of open air your e-liquids have contact with.

4.Steep your E-Liquids
As an extension of the above point, steeping allows your e-liquids to improve their taste. This involves allowing vape juice to sit in a cool and dark place for several weeks or even months.

Just like a fine wine, the taste of e-liquid tends to get better with age (within limits) as the flavour notes expand over time.

However, you are likely to achieve this with higher quality juices.

5.Choose Quality Materials
The materials you use in your device have a big effect on the kind of flavour you are going to get. By materials we mean coils and wicks.

Cotton is a preferred choice of wick material for most vapers, and although widespread, silica tends to mute flavours.

Japanese cotton is another great alternative as it offers a clean flavour and also tends to wick better than most other materials.

Some users prefer ceramic wicks due to their durability and ability to resist heat, while cellucotton (aka cotton bacon) is another material gaining prominence.

When it comes to vape coils, Kanthal is a good choice for its clean taste and ability to bring out natural flavours.

The likes of nickel and some other metals can ruin your vaping experience with strange tastes.

Experiment with different wick and coil options to find what works best for you.

6.Opt for High PG Juices
Your choice of e-liquid has a big effect on every aspect of vaping – flavour, vapour, throat hit, and even smoothness.

Juices high in vegetable glycerine (VG) are not ideal for flavour chasers. For the best flavour, you want an e-liquid that is high in propylene glycol (PG), but not too high as the more the PG, the harsher some users find the juice.

Regular e-liquids with a 50/50 PG/VG ratio or (60% PG) guarantee the best flavours with a mild throat hit.

As the exact perfect ratio varies with the individual, again, experiment with different ratios to find out your sweet spot.