5 Vape Tricks and Tips for Pro Vapers

Calling all Pro vapers, if you are looking for some new vape tricks to show off to your friends here are 5. Before you get started make sure you have the right gear. If you’re using an MTL kit your will have to switch to something more powerful. A sub ohm mod kit will do the trick. Next you will need to used the right e-liquid. Shortfill will be the best option as the high VG content will produce thicker cloud. It also gives a smoother vape making it easier to draw large amount of vapour. Although you may prefer to vape with nicotine when doing tricks it is best to either go with a 0% liquid. This is because you will be vaping more than usual when practising tricks so using your normal liquid will be too strong and probably leave you feeling unwell.

How to do Advanced Vape Tricks
This list features tricks that will take a long time to master. If you are still new to vaping but want to learn some fun tricks check out our 5 easy vape tricks for beginners.

Bending Rings
If you haven’t mastered creating rings be sure to check out our beginner tricks before moving onto this. Once you’ve got the hang of it this will be one of the easier advanced tricks to perform.

Step 1: Create an O ring

Step 2: Like you would when pushing a ring away. Use your hand to slowly lead the cloud away.

Step 3: Instead of pushing it directly away from you, bend to movement of your hand to lead the ring into a different direction. Make sure you don’t do this too sharply as it will break the ring.

The Jellyfish
The Jellyfish needs a lot of vapour to pull off. You also need to be skilled at creating rings before attempting this trick.

Step 1: Create a large O ring.

Step 2: Use your hand to gently push away the ring. This will help increase the size and create a current for the next cloud to pass through.

Step 3: Once the ring grows large enough then blow a cloud of vapour through the centre. Make cure this cloud is narrow enough to go through the centre. If it is too wide it will break the ring. The current created around the ring will wrap this around the ring, creating a jellyfish.

Atomic Bomb / Mushroom Cloud
This this is pretty similar to the jellyfish.

Step 1: Inhale a fair amount of vapour.

Step 2: Like the jellyfish trick create a large O ring. Use your hand to slow down the ring and this will also help to increase the size of the ring.

Step 3: Then blow a thin stream of vapour through the centre. The current from the ring will wrap this stream around and create a mushroom cloud.

To master this trick you need to know how to blow O rings. As your mouth cant make the shape of a triangle this is how to perform this trick.

Step 1: Draw vapour into your mouth. Keep it in you mouth rather than inhaling sirectly into your lungs.

Step 2: Blow an good sized O ring.

Step 3: Quickly use your hand to tap of the ring twice. Do this in either an upward or downward motion depending on what is easiest.

The Bull Ring
As the name suggests this trick creates a ring through the nose like a bull. Like with most of these tricks you’ll need to be able to blow O rings.

Step 1: First inhale the vapour from your device. Hold it there for a second.

Step 2: Create a mid sized ring that is fairly thick.

Step 3: Lean in to inhale the ring through the nose. Approach it from the top and move slowly to avoid the ring from breaking.