5 Top Tips for E-cig and E-liquid Maintenance

Vaping is far cheaper than smoking cigarettes in the long run but if you don’t look after your kit, you could face unnecessary costs, or at the very least a less than satisfying experience.
We get asked a lot of questions on e-cig and e-liquid maintenance, with everything from, can you keep e-liquid in the fridge, to, can you use vodka to clean your tank.
Well, in this post, we will answer some of the most common questions and give you some top tips for keeping your e-cig and e-liquid in top condition.

Tip 1: Look after your e-liquids
The quality of your e-liquid is one of the most important parts of a satisfying vape experience. You should always purchase premium e-liquids from a reputable manufacturer. Ensure any vape juice you buy is TPD compliant and free from unnecessary additives such as colourings, caffeine, diacetyl and/or taurine.

How to store e-liquid
Once you have your premium e-liquid, always store it sealed in a cool, dark place away from sunlight to maintain its quality and flavour. Your refrigerator would actually be the best place!

Tip 2: Keep an eye on the e-liquid level
One of the main components of your e-cigarette is the atomiser. It draws the e-liquid from the e-cig and converts it into vapour. However, if the level of vape juice in your e-cig is too low, it can result in a burnt flavour or even burning out the atomiser!
Making sure that there is an appropriate level of e-juice in your e-cig can help prevent this problem. If you are running a clearomiser, there will be a hole visible inside the tank. Always top up your e-liquid when it approaches this hole.
Whether you are refilling a tank or emptying out the vape juice to switch flavours, always unscrew and screw with hand force only to avoid damaging the thread and causing leaks.

Tip 3: Prime your atomiser
If you have a new atomiser, make sure you prime it before the first use. Soak the cotton wadding thoroughly with e-liquid in a 360-degree motion.
Then, add a few drops around the coil, assemble everything together and fill up the tank. Leave it to sit for about 5 minutes before you start vaping.
You should perform this task whenever you fit a new atomiser.

Tip 4: Don’t neglect your batteries
E-cigs are battery operated and therefore even the slightest problem with the battery can have a negative effect on the performance of your device.
Regularly cleaning the battery terminals prevents this problem from occurring. You can use cotton or a piece of cloth to clean the battery terminals. If you notice any damage with the battery wrap, discontinue use immediately and either replace with new batteries or have them re-wrapped.
You should also make sure that you charge your batteries before you go on a long journey and do not completely drain them. Keeping the battery level above 30% will significantly increase their life.
As always with batteries, avoid mixing old and new batteries in the same device and store unused batteries in a plastic battery case.

Tip 5: Keep the mouthpiece, tank and coil clean
Due to the nature of e-liquid vapour, it is very easy for dust and dirt particles to settle around and in the mouthpiece. For both hygiene reasons and to keep the flow of vapour at an optimal level, regularly clean the mouthpiece with a clean cloth and warm water.

How to clean your vape tank
You should clean out your tank each time you change flavour (obviously, you don’t want your Liquorice E Liquid mixing with your Butterscotch Custard…yuk!) or at least every week or so whether you are switching flavours or not.
For a quick clean, simply empty out any remaining e-liquid from the tank and disassemble it. Then, clean it in warm water (a bit of washing up liquid may be needed), let it dry and reassemble it.
For a more thorough clean, follow the steps above but use a little unflavoured vodka on a cloth to wipe inside the tank before putting it in warm water. This will give you a spotless tank that’s ready for you to add your next delicious e-juice! Don’t use vinegar as this may taint the taste of your vape or isopropyl alcohol which may damage the tank.

How to clean your vape coil
If after cleaning your tank, you are finding your vape juice is still tasting bad or you aren’t getting good vapour production, then it’s time to clean or replace the coil if you can.
Replacing an old coil is always the best solution because cleaning them can be tricky and is likely only a short-term solution. Otherwise, soak your coil in vodka for a few hours, rinse with distilled water and allow to dry fully before using it again.
If the coil still looks visibly dark or crusty, you should replace it. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for your vape device on how to do this.

Perform regular e-cig and e-liquid maintenance for the best vaping experience
Vaping is a satisfying and safer alternative to smoking cigarettes. With just a few simple e-cig and e-liquid maintenance tasks you can keep your vaping kit in good order so you can stay vaping happily.

E-cigarettes are becoming increasingly popular in the United Kingdom and research has indicated that it is much safer than traditional cigarettes.