5 Reasons Small Vape Mods are Stealing the Headlines Right Now

Whether you are fresh on the scene or a vaper looking to invest in their fifth device, there is a good chance you are giving some thought to pod mods – and with good reason.

Unlike the releases of yester years, the small vape mods of today are an entirely different kind of device altogether. The modern offering works reliably, tastes great, and punches well above its weight as far as nicotine satisfaction goes.

If you’ve been wondering why pod mods are all the rage right now, here are 5 solid reasons that explain why.

1.They are sleek, chic and discreet
Up until recently, most people used to vape with large e-cig devices that produce enormous clouds; even in public.

Some of these devices were (or rather are) just not cut out for use in public. Not only are they clunky, but also powerful devices like box mods draw attention in public due to the billowy clouds they produce.

In fact, it’s fair to say they are one of the reasons vaping gained a bad rap.
We know, you don’t give a hoot about what people say, but being mindful of your surrounding is a big step towards becoming a conscious vaper who doesn’t intrude on other people’s personal space.

Small pod mods afford you this privilege.

Due to their characteristic compact size, they are the perfect carry when venturing outdoors. While large e-cig devices are advantageous in their own ways, not everyone enjoys carrying them around.

2.Nicotine salts are both smooth and satisfying
But pod mods are not just about aesthetics.

When it comes to function, they can hold their own against larger devices. True story. Matter of fact, as far as nicotine satisfaction goes, these mean little guys have no peer.

That’s because a lot of pod vapes make use of nicotine salts, a relatively new form of e-liquid that has a slightly lower pH, is smoother, and easier to inhale at higher nicotine concentrations compared to your standard e-liquid.

When vaping regular e-liquid, most people find anything higher than 18mg harsh and irritating on the throat. In comparison, nic salts are smooth on the inhale even when vaping a nicotine strength of 50mg (and satisfying at the same time).

That’s due to their formulation, a topic we shall delve into another day.

For this reason, pod mods have found favour among smokers looking to make the switch to vaping, a smoking alternative that for far too long had been faulted for being a bit under-par.

Pods have since changed that narrative.

3.Pods help you cut down on your e-liquid consumption
Another reason more and more people around the world are switching to pod vapes is because they make it possible to trim down on your vape juice consumption.

Larger devices including vape pens and mods are not only indiscreet and difficult to carry (this includes the hassle of avoiding leakage) but also tend to use up e-liquid more rapidly. That rich vapour has to come from somewhere you know…

Even if you are vaping normally as opposed to sub-ohming, some people find personal vaporisers somewhat underwhelming with regard to nicotine satisfaction (as indicated in the previous point).

This means you typically vape with more frequency, in turn using up more of your e-liquid.

This is not the case with pods as pound for pound, they are superior vis-à-vis nicotine satisfaction. In short, you get more satisfaction with much less e-liquid.

4.A pod mod lets you inhale the way you want
If you have never vaped before, choosing your first vape device is not a very straightforward decision.

Larger devices look more elaborate and fetch at higher prices, so it’s easy to assume they are definitely better, especially when you watch vaping videos online.

What’s not often given much airtime is the method of inhaling which is different for larger tanks – you have to inhale vapour directly to your lungs (direct-lung vaping).

When smoking a traditional cigarette, you employ a mouth-to-lung inhalation style. Pod mods are designed with this in mind. This is partly why they are able to replicate the cigarette-like experience which is super important for anyone making the switch from tobacco cigarettes to e-cigs.

5.Mini mods have a great flavour
All e-cigarettes rely on the atomiser (a heating wire) to produce vapour. Over time, residue from e-juice accumulates on this component and compromises its performance. The solution is to clean your device regularly.

Now, in addition to reducing vapour production, the build-up of this residue in the atomiser adds an unpleasant flavour to your vape that tastes like burnt sugar.

Due to their lower vapour output, atomiser build-up is not a concern when using pod vapes. Nor do they require constant cleaning. They guarantee you the same great flavour from start of the pod to finish.

These little guys are pure satisfaction in a miniscule package – that’s what pods are all about.