5 Most Recommended Flavours of Disposable Vapes You Must Try This Summer

Great Heat has come, days are getting sultry and too hot to enjoy life. Maybe as an indoorsman, you would spend your hot summer days in a cooling air-conditioner room and enjoy laughing TV shows and exciting video games; Or as an athletic outdoorsman, you would likely be more conversant with nature and enrich your life by seeing the gorgeous blue seas, climbing the challenging mountains, and taking thrilling adventures with friends. However, no matter what kind of ways you choose, they are good approaches to spend the hot summer days. Furthermore, there is a more interesting and cost-efficient way especially for vapers to get through the boiling summer days - cooling and refreshing disposable vapes. Today we are going to introduce the most recommended flavours of disposable vapes for summer days.

Spearmint by Elf Bar

This is one of the popular choices from the Elf Bar 600 disposable vape range. The flavour of Spearmint is made from simple ingredients with a strong cooling minty taste, just like an invisible spear softly striking right on your throat yet with a little bit of sweetness, definitely a powerful and good refreshing helper, giving you a refreshing and cooling minty vaping experience to fight against the boiling heat with every vape.

Cola Ice by Elux

Hot summer days bring maddening boiling weather, however, they also bring various refreshing cold drinks and beverages. Drinking up a whole bottle of iced Cola in one gulp must be one of the coolest things to do on a blazing summer day. Now Elux 600 disposable vape range offers the Cola Ice flavour that brings a cooling mint sensation and authentic classic Cola flavour, taking a puff and feeling the joy that summer brings.

Energy Ice by IVG Bar

An Energy drink is no doubt the best match for a fatigued man who just finished his workout, but what happens if it is an iced energy vape? That would be doubled joy for sure. First of all, you don’t have to take an energy beverage bottle for the refreshing energy drinks taste, just get a compact and pocket-friendly IVG Bar disposable vape of Energy Ice flavour, and then you can enjoy the energetic feeling yet with a cold menthol hit anytime, and you will find that this flavour is more addictive in hot summer days!

Lush Ice by MOTI

Lush Ice is the delicious mixture of exotic sweet and succulent watermelon complemented by the refreshing menthol which produces an icy inhale sensation. MOTI PIIN 2 brings a refreshing and slight sweet lush ice flavour to vapers. The fruity and juicy taste of the watermelon plays a main role in the e-liquid, filling your mouth with a mild cooling sensation, and the icy menthol would linger in your mouth, leaving a sweet aftertaste and tantalizing aroma.

Geek Berg by Geek Bar

As the exclusive name implies, Geek Bar Geek Berg flavour is made from a particular formula: aniseed, menthol, and mixed berries. This is definitely the flavour that once you tried then you will never forget, why not leave a good memory this summer with the unique cooling and refreshing taste? The full aroma of the aniseed and balanced sweet&sour taste of mixed berries along with the cooling note of menthol would bring you an extraordinary vaping experience.

Final Thoughts
The above recommended disposable vapes are 100 per cent legal and TPD Compliant, and they come in standard parameters and specifications. They are powered by a non-rechargeable built-in battery, pre-filled with 2ml e-liquid, and some of them have 0mg, and 20mg nicotine strengths to choose from, delivering 575 puffs - 800 puffs based on different brands of disposable vapes. Disposable vape is a reasonable choice for novice vapers because it has a low initial cost while it is capable of providing a true MTL vaping experience with authentic flavours, there are even a number of juicy and icy flavours for vapers to fight against the summer days!