5 Misconceptions About Mods

Within your time of vaping, you may begin to learn of the many misconceptions about mods.  While some of them are just idiotic, there are also others that, if we didn’t vape, we may believe ourselves.  However, since we do vape and do know the truth, I feel that it is our duty to share these bits of information to set the record straight.  Here’s a list of 5 misconceptions about mods.

1. Lightsaber

If you haven’t already heard someone mention that your mod looks like a lightsaber, then it’s probably because of the direction that our vaping market has moved to within this past year.  It wasn’t not long ago that there were very few small box mods, and for the most part every vaper that reached that advanced level was carrying along a long mod, with an almost as long atomizer attachment.
Though I know we would all love to sprout a beam from our mod and fight the clones away in the galactic, the truth is, we have no beam, we have no special swordsman abilities, but we can make vapor, and lots of it.  These long mods consist of a metal tube that houses a battery, and on top of the tube is an atomizer attachment that vaporizes the e-liquid.  It’s a fairly simple process, but from those who have no knowledge, there’s no telling what everyone else is imagining the device is used for.

2. Nonexplosive

Some believe that a mod won’t actually go explosive and blow up, but this is a misconception that puts many vapers at risk.  The truth is, once a battery is pushed beyond its limits, it can go thermal and turn into an explosive device and easily cause harm to anything and anyone around it.  In fact, Vape Blast 2014, an event held to bring vapers together, turned into an actual blast after a bystanders mod at a cloud competition suddenly went thermal and exploded.  The aftermath of the explosion gave many vapers a reality check as the news went viral throughout the vaping community.
The blast was reported by one vaper to be the loudest sound he’s ever heard and the blast was powerful enough to send shock waves through his body.  Now, of course there may be a little exaggeration going on, but I’m sure something compressed and powerful enough to escape and rip a metal tube to shreds was definitely something that left many having to change their clothes.  Fortunately, I’m also able to report that there was no one harmed from the incident, but many shaken up.
I bet the attendees of the event didn’t think they were literally going to have a blast!

3. Must Have Mod

One common misconception about mods is that you must have one to receive great performance.  Though mods do offer an increase in performance, you don’t necessarily need a mod to achieve that great performance.  There are plenty of regulated devices that aren’t “considered” mods, but do give you the ability to increase voltage, which will allow a better performance gain.  In addition, there are also some clearomizers that come with a lower resistance, which will be a performance gain over the standard resistance.
Ultimately, the performance of your device is judged by your own satisfaction.  If you feel satisfied enough and feel that the device you are using is doing its job, then to you, the performance must be good enough.  However, there is always something else out there that is better and that can perform better, so never hold back or settle for something that you feel is sub-par.

4. Government Approval

Another misconception about mods is that they aren’t safe because they’re not approved by the government or the more common term “FDA Approved”.  Just because something is FDA approved doesn’t actually mean it is safe, and just because it isn’t approved by the FDA doesn’t mean it isn’t safe.  Let me start this off by saying, us vapers, in no way feel that e-cigs are safe, but we do feel and believe that they create less harm than smoking traditional cigarettes.  Continuing, I’d like you to take tobacco cigarettes for example, they’re approved by the FDA and new tobacco cigarette products are continuing to be approved by the FDA, despite the fact that they are the cause of more than 1,300 deaths in the United States, each day.
Unfortunately, an FDA approval all comes down to money.  If the government isn’t making money from e-cigs, it’ll be hard pressed for them to be approved.  Tobacco cigarettes, a known killer of the people, a murderer, a serial killer and whatever else you want to call it, is approved and is okay to be continuously sold to the public, but why?  Because the government has a tax on tobacco and continues to make money from the product.
As you can see, the FDA isn’t about protection the people… it’s about making money from them.

5. Drugged Up

And, our last misconception about mods is how some people believe that just because a vaporizer is being used, that there are drugs involved.  People see large vapor clouds being exhaled from the mouths of vapers and instantly think that if something can produce that much vapor, that they have to be using drugs in it.  In addition, they see this tech packed modern device and that leads them to the same misconception.
Vapers receive uncomfortable looks and are approached by some with the belief that they are vaping illegal substances, but that is far from the truth.  The people who are using these devices, also known as vapers, were actually once smokers, and have switched to these mods to create less harm to themselves while still enjoying nicotine and/or to reduce their nicotine intake, while also eliminating the many chemicals found in traditional cigarettes.