5 Cool Technological Innovations that are Pushing Vapes to the Next Level

Vaping blew up into the smoking industry pretty recently and has been successful ever since. The vape industry has been leading with technological advancement that make smoking safer and more enjoyable for everyone, beating traditional cigarettes. Companies have been developing technologies and acquiring global patents to provide the most unique and satisfactory vaping device. 

The amount of cool technological innovations that have been surfacing in the vape industry would take an essay to cover, so let’s just  go over five of them. These inventions have helped ease the lives of thousands of smokers, and they’re just the tip of the iceberg. 

1.A-Shaped Airways
One of the main complaints that individuals trying to switch from traditional cigarettes to vapes have had is that the experiences are too different. There’s no act of lighting up a vaporizer, nor is there the same pull when you smoke out of it.

Fortunately, vape producers have been listening to the concerns of their clients, and have begun to design with these specifications in mind. 

New vapes are designed with a-shaped airways that compare to pulling smoke from a traditional cigarette. The elongated design of RELX vapes allows users to get a 95% similar experience to smoking a cigarette. 

2.Unibody Designs
Another innovation that companies like RELX are putting forward is unibody vape designs. The vapes have a compatible charging case that allows you to bring your device wherever you go without having to worry about maintaining its power.

The battery life is one of the crucial functions of your vape. Longer battery life ensures that you have a smoother vaping experience. With a built-in charging case, you no longer have to worry about charging your device before you leave for the day. You can charge on-the-go. 

3.New Nickel or Titanium Atomizers
The atomizer is a key piece of technology in your vape. It is responsible for turning the e-liquid cartridge juice into mist that you can inhale. Without this technology, you can’t breathe in the vapor smoke from your device.

Vape companies have begun to utilize nickel and titanium in new atomizers, meaning that your device will have a higher resistance to heat. With the added heat resistance, you can enjoy vaping without worrying about having a burnt taste in your mouth. 

4.Sub-Ohm Technology
A sub-ohm vape is a device that utilizes a low-energy coil with a resistance level below one ohm. The reduced resistance makes your vaping experience a lot smoother and of higher caliber. Not only will your atomizer heat up quicker, but you’ll also benefit from more liquid vaporized, so you’ll get a more robust flavor and generate thicker clouds. 

If you’re interested in going sub-ohm for your vape, make sure that you are buying premium material and getting expert advice. If you build your device incorrectly, you could cause a vaping accident and damage yourself or your device. 

5.Nicotine Liquid Salt
The issue with a lot of e-liquid juice is the harsh after taste and flavors. Fortunately, vape companies have been working to develop flavor technology that gives you a robust taste without the funky aftereffects. 

Nicotine liquid salt is a complex compound that contains salt-based nicotine. The juices are typically less harsh to vape, meaning that your tolerance level will rise. No more worrying about smoking limits due to flavor. 

The Future of Vaping is Now
Thanks to these five technological advancements in the vaping industry, you can rest assured that your experience will be enjoyable. Plus, new technology is coming out frequently.