4 Tips for Budget Friendly Vaping-Save even more money vaping

Vaping is dramatically cheaper than smoking. You can save thousands each year by stopping smoking and starting vaping. But there is still a cost to vaping, there is maintenance, e-liquid to buy and you might need to replace your vape at some point. Looking to save some money this new year? Let’s look at 4 tips for budget friendly vaping.

MTL vaping
There are two styles of vaping, MTL and DL.
MTL = Mouth To Lung. MTL vaping uses lower power output and high resistance vape coils. It produces small clouds of vapour, but great flavour from your e-liquid and a good throat hit. You draw the vapour into your mouth, then inhale it. Much like you would have smoked.

DL = Direct Lung. With this type of vaping you use higher powers and sub-ohm vape coils to produce huge clouds of vapour and then directly inhale them.

When you DL vape, you use more e-liquid, much quicker as it is vapourised faster. You also run your vape coils out quicker and drain your battery faster. By switching to MTL vaping you save money on e-liquid and vape coils. Plus you won’t need to replace your vape battery as often.

Buy e-liquid in bulk
Buying in bulk is always cheaper, as the more you buy, the more you save. Buying e-liquid and taking advantage of multi-buy savings is a great way to save even more cash.

You can also opt for an e-liquid subscription.

Use an open tank vape
Disposable vapes are all the rage at the moment. But, they are not a cheap way to vape, in fact depending on how much you vape they can be downright expensive.

Switch to an open tank vape. This is a vape that you can refill with e-liquid when it runs down, change the vape coil and recharge the battery. The initial outlay is more expensive than a disposable, but the amount of money you save with a bit of maintenance added is dramatic.

Prime your vape coils
This is such a simple thing, but can save you quite a bit over time. When you are installing a new vape coil, there is a series of steps you have to complete before it’s ready to vape. This is called priming. It is getting the coil fully saturated with e-liquid BEFORE you press your button to vape.

Without these steps you can easily burn your coil as soon as you start vaping. This means it can’t be used and you need to get another one from your packet. Just a few moments priming can save you the fuss.

Switching from smoking to vaping could save you up to £3,700 a year. This was our 4 tips for budget friendly vaping. What are your top tips?