4 Reasons to Choose Vaping Over Smoking

If you’re a smoker, then you may be on the lookout for ways to quit without driving yourself nuts. You may have even tried to quit many times in the past without lasting success. We’d like you to know that there is a better alternative out there – one that is just as satisfying and enjoyable (even more so, for many people). Here are four great reasons to choose vaping over smoking.

1. No odour
When you smoke cigarettes, you surround yourself (and everyone nearby) with harsh smoke and a foul odour caused by the burning of the tobacco and paper wrapping. This smell permeates your hair and clothes and persists for hours – not to mention what it does to the inside of your home and car, if you smoke in those areas. Enjoy an e-cigarette, on the other hand, and you’ll quickly find that it leaves behind no smoky smell or disagreeable odour at all. In fact, the many tempting flavours of e-liquid available mean that your vapour will have a mild and pleasant aroma that dissipates in seconds.

2. A wide variety of flavours
Vapes contain e-liquid also known as e-juice that comes in a huge array of flavours. What’s more, new flavours are added all the time for an ever-growing range of options with something to please everyone.

3. Control over your nicotine intake
It’s difficult to impossible to know how much nicotine you’re consuming when you smoke cigarettes. The amount of nicotine that the cigarette contains is not the same amount that you will consume; it depends on different factors, such as how often you inhale, how deeply you inhale, and how much of the cigarette burns away between puffs. Vaping, on the other hand, offers complete control over the amount of nicotine you consume. You can choose your vape juice based on how much nicotine it contains, from higher strengths to completely nicotine-free (not an option at all with cigarettes).

4. Optimal convenience
Vaping is highly convenient because you can do it anytime and almost anywhere to calm your cravings. Whether you use disposable cigalikes or a more advanced vape mod, taking a puff is as easy as drawing on the device or pushing a button and then taking a draw. With disposable vapes, you simply discard them when the tank is empty and replace them with a new device. Rechargeable devices are just as convenient, with one good charge typically lasting throughout the day. Vaping is also a low-maintenance activity, with even the most complicated vape mods requiring minimal work to keep them functioning at their best.

These are just a few of the reasons that vaping is a far superior alternative to smoking. Try it for yourself – we’re betting you’ll agree.