2 Upgrades Worth Considering Other Than Your Regular Vape

With its explosion in recent years, the UK vaping industry has established itself as a standard fixture of life with a formerly smoker-predominant population seeking healthier alternatives. 

From pens and pods to full-blown tank-mod builds, the range of options that anyone can use to embark on a journey towards discovering a healthier way to smoke continues to grow. If you’ve been vaping for a while now, then you’re probably familiar with just how abundant the choices are when it comes to building various set-ups. 

Over time, every vaper is bound to get exposed to the idea of wanting more, which is an ever-present reality that many recognise as the desire to upgrade. 

The desire for more
As humans, people are susceptible to the desire to have more and more in their everyday lives, whether it is in the form of clothes, cars, or houses. Now that the market continues to grow even bigger with more functionalities and new technologies, it’s clear that wanting to switch up occasionally is integral to the vaping culture as we know it. 

Thanks to the abundance of upgrade options, models, and parts, more experienced vapers are able to explore the other untapped aspects of vaping (such as flavour, hit quality, and cloud thickness). Now that the list of different parts, build platforms, and tools to play around is rising, you may have one question in mind: “What upgrades should I make to my vape build?”

Answering the question at hand
Fortunately, navigating through the highly-saturated market of vape products, upgrades, and parts and making sure you get worthy options isn’t as tricky as you’d expect. If you want to get even more out of your vape but aren’t sure where you should start, here are two vape upgrades to start playing around with: 

Upgrade #1: Sub-ohm tanks
Recently, sub-ohm tanks have become the favourite for many Brits because of how well they liven up any vaping experience thanks to their enhanced functionality. 

As opposed to traditional or standard options that come with kits, sub-ohm tanks are a must-have upgrade because of how well they achieve the controlled burns that are required for full-blown experiences. Aspire’s Cleito Sub-Ohm tank, for example, has been rated as one of the best options on the market today because of how it manages to atomise the vapour resistances of your burns well enough for a better flavour delivery and fatter clouds!

Upgrade #2: Coils
Although you may be an advocate of wrapping or winding your coils, it’s best to understand that you can only reap the most out of your vaping experience if you let a professional take over. 

Many seasoned vapers have been making a move to pre-winded coils because they employ the precision for high-quality burning and heat distribution, which only machines can deliver. Specific options, such as the Demon Killer Raging Fire Coils, are created with intricate processes that are responsible for crafting tight, minuscule winds for better experiences!

After spending much time getting familiar with the ins-and-outs of vaping, you might have considered getting an upgrade on your equipment at one point or another. If you’re looking to step up your vaping game for better experiences with flavour and puff power in no time, feel free to prioritise the two options mentioned above!