15 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your E Cig Juice

Chances are you have already learned some of these tips through experience, but some may surprise you. This is a list compiled from experience and opinion aimed at helping anyone get along with their juice.

1. Let your juice “steep” for at least 3 to 10 days.
Steeping is one of those things you may be skeptical about, but in my experience it actually does work for a lot of juices. You will notice on some juices that after a few days the color will darken, and it often times seems to marry flavors together producing a better tasting juice.
Something probably has to do with the nicotine oxidizing, but other than that we don’t know why this phenomenon happens. If your juice tastes weird right off the bat, give it some time to change, chances are, it will.
Many e juices nowadays are already pre-steeped but if it doesn’t quite taste as you would expect then a bit of steeping could do the trick.

2. Shake your bottle of juice up every once and a while
This will ensure that you are getting all the flavors evenly at all times.

3. Buy pure VG or PG with nicotine to cut your liquids
Something that I do quite often is cut my liquids with pure VG with nicotine in it to make strong flavored juices last longer. The VG always adds a little boost to the vapor as well.
If your PG or VG has a lower amount of nicotine in it you can add it to cut down the nicotine strength as well if the juice is too harsh.

4. If you need more throat hit….
Higher PG juices and more nicotine can help increase the throat hit.
VG generally provides more vapor and a smoother vaping experience.

5. Dark juice is thought to gum up your atomizer more than a light or clear colored juice
If you use a lot of dark juice, you may be gumming up your atomizers pretty quickly, make sure to clean out your atomizers regularly if the draw or taste changes.

6. Juices from different vendors come in different viscosities
VG is thicker and PG is thinner, but some companies make their VG runny by adding distilled water. VG makes more vapor but the flavor is not as prominent, PG makes less vapor but tends to hold more flavor. Experiment with different ratios to find your happy place.

7. Some people say to store your juice in a dark place
It makes sense, right? A lot of liquid solutions are stored in dark places because light can cause problems, if anything this could change the flavor of the juice and is more of a “Better safe than sorry”.

8. Experiment by buying sampler packs from as many vendors as possible
This will not only tell you who makes juice you like, it will help you quickly figure out what flavors you tend to love.

9. Avoid juices with diacetyl
This is commonly found in “buttery” flavorings and is known to cause lung damage when inhaled. Many vendors are now beginning to disclose if their e juices contain diacetyl of AP. If they don’t send them an email and ask them.
Don’t here back then simply move on, there are plenty of options out there.

10. Certain flavors stay in your atomizer for a long time
These may include cinnamon, fruit flavors, cola, and some menthols. If you notice these flavors carrying over, you can wait it out or you can clean your atomizer.

11. Don’t be afraid of experimenting with flavors
You will be surprised at what actually tastes good sometimes. I have found that more often than not, flavors I was not too eager to try ended up being a favorite.

12. Try not to flood your atomizer or overfill your cartridges
This typically results in leaking and also barely any vapor. It may cause you to think that your atomizer is not performing well, but that’s not the case.
You can remove excess juice by removing your cartridge and holding your e-cig by the battery, flick it towards the ground to throw the juice out.

13. Nasty burnt taste when you are vaping?
You are probably letting your juice run too low in your tank resulting in the wick drying out.

14. Have a variety of flavors on hand
Chances are if you vape something for a while you will get sick of it, keep rotating, like fresh underwear. Or what’s known as vapers tongue can rear it’s head.

15. Don’t let your juice anywhere near children or pets
The stuff smells good and even a fraction of a bottle with nicotine is enough to cause OD.