10 Easy Vaping Techniques You Need to Know [Tutorial]

Many smokers are moving to vaping as a healthier method for nicotine enjoyment. Tobacco smoking is the primary cause of lung and heart disease in the world. Many vapers are former tobacco smokers and when they switch to vaping, they tend to have a similar inhaling style to when they were smoking. However, this isn’t always the best method to get the best vaping experience. In this article, we are going to explain 10 vaping techniques that you need to know to get the best vaping experience.

1. Prime your coils

This is one of the most known vaping techniques. It consists of rapidly inhaling to heat up the coil. This technique increases your coil lifespan. Basically, you start by filling your tank and letting the cotton to get saturated. After waiting for 10-15 minutes, you can take short puffs and progressively adjust the device to your preferable wattage and inhale length. As previously said, this technique helps to increase the lifespan of your coils.

2. Inhaling Method: DTL or MTL

There are two basic inhaling techniques: Direct to Lungs (DTL) and Mouth to Lungs (MTL).  Direct to lung, is like inhaling from a bong while mouth to lung is the inhaling technique that resembles tobacco smoking. Some vapers prefer DTL while some other prefer tighter puffs like MTL.

3. Place your Device on the Side of your Mouth

This vaping technique helps the taste receptors to better detect the five elements of taste perception: salty, sour, bitter, sweet and umami. Place your device on the side of your mouth for a better flavor experience.

4. Take Slower and Longer Puffs for More Vapor Production

Many smokers tend to vape like if they were smoking cigarettes. Smokers tend to take faster and shorter puffs. However, if you want to have a better vaping experience, we suggest you take longer and slower puffs for more vapor and flavor production.

5. Holding the Vapor For a Few Seconds

Holding the vapor for a few seconds allows the nicotine to be absorbed. You should keep the vapor in your mouth for a few seconds and then exhale through your nostrils and mouth. Exhaling from your nostrils is better for nicotine absorption.

6. Zero Nicotine e-Juices for Chain Vapers

If you are a chain vaper, then it’s a good idea to combine your nicotine e-liquids with zero nicotine ones. Unlike cigarettes, vapes don’t combust. In other words, it’s easy to chain vaping than chain smoking. If you vape too much nicotine, then you might feel dizzy or even experience nausea. Therefore, it’s a good option to combine zero nicotine e-liquids with your nicotine e-liquids.

7. Vaping Techniques and Mouth Inhalation

Perhaps you know that cigar smokers usually smoke without inhaling. It might sound as a waste of e-liquid and nicotine, but some vapers also choose to keep the vapor in the mouth without inhalation. The mucous membranes in your mouth can still absorb nicotine, although not as much as if you inhale the vapor. This is one of the most uncommon vaping techniques, but there are still some vapers who enjoy mouth inhalation.

8. Stealth Vaping

There are vaping devices and vaping techniques for stealth vaping. Some vaping devices produce little to almost no vapor which means they are ideal for crowded places. Moreover, for stealth vaping, you better take short puffs to produce less vapor. Additionally, you can choose to hide your vape LED light.

Pod vapes are the best option for stealth vaping. There are many devices that fit in your palm and that can easily be hidden. Moreover, if you cover the LED light, nobody will notice that you are vaping from your device.

9. Choose the Right E-Liquid

E-liquids are mainly composed of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG). Moreover, if you vape e-liquids with nicotine, you need to pay some attention to your e-liquid nicotine strength.

There are three main things you need to check for your e-liquid:

1) PG:VG ratio: E-liquids with more vegetable glycerin are ideal for cloud chasers. On the other hand, if you are looking for a stronger throat hit then you should choose a higher propylene glycol ratio. Your vaping style varies depending on your e-liquid ingredients.

2) Nicotine strength: It’s important to choose the right nicotine strength. The strength varies greatly depending on the e-liquid. For example, there are e-liquids with just 4 mg/ml while some nicotine e-liquids have concentrations of 36 mg/ml and even higher.

3) Flavor: it’s more a vaping style or preference than a technique, but flavor is also very important for a satisfying vaping experience.

10. Select your Preferable Wattage

More wattage means more power output. In other words, more vapor and flavor production. Nowadays, many vaping mods come with adjustable wattage and voltage.

If you are looking for flavor production, you should get a vaping device that reaches at least 40-50W. At this wattage you can start feeling a throat hit and to get more vapor production.

Many advanced vapers choose to vape at a wattage between 50-75W. Moreover, vapers who participate in cloud competitions tend to vape at wattages higher than 75W.  

Vaping Techniques: Conclusion
There are many vaping techniques for each vaping style. Some vapers prefer MTL vaping while some other prefer DTL. Moreover, your vaping technique varies depending on whether you want to vape for more cloud production or if you prefer stealth vaping. In addition, many vaping devices come with adjustable wattage and voltage which is ideal for adapting your vaping device according to your preferences.