10 Amazing Things That Happen When You Quit Smoking and Start Vaping

The world is turning into an amazing place. Thanks to science. Almost daily we see a new invention that blows our mind. Think of the internet, the cell phones and now Vaping. Vaping is certainly one of the greatest invention that has helped hundreds and hundreds of people to quit smoking and start a healthy lifestyle. It might be that your doctor has advised to do so, you might want to feel in control or you might want to better your health. Whatever the reason is, here is a list of 10 amazing things that will happen to you once you quit smoking and start vaping;

What Happens when you quit Smoking and Start Vaping
10 - Do you hate the tobacco stains and the lingering smell that surrounds you from all that smoke? Well, switching to vaping will get rid of it all. Isn’t that fun? Off course it is. Try and see it for yourself.
9 - All the smokers know the struggle of having yellow teeth quite well. No matter how many whitening strips you use, you always end up having yellow teeth that certainly look disgusting. This will be a problem of the past as soon as you switch to vaping. So, don’t be afraid to bedazzle people when you meet them with your bright smile.
8 - Hair that actually smells clean. You know how your hair smells after washing it numerous times a day. You definitely have noticed people looking at you weirdly. It almost feels like they are saying; do you ever wash your hair? Now, you can actually put your shampoo and conditioner to good use. Switching to vaping definitely means great hair.
7 - This very welcoming side effect is guaranteed to be an all-time favorite. You will definitely see your complexion transform after switching to vaping. Smoking is one of the key reasons of premature aging. Quitting it will result in a healthier brighter complexion.
6 - More Energy! Want a boost of energy? Switching to E-Cigarettes will give you a new surge of energy. It is better for your body, a gazillion times healthier and in turn will give you boosted energy.
5 - Welcome your pallet- Well tobacco greatly impacts your sense taste. You will appreciate food more than you ever had. Why is this so? It is because your taste pallet is damaged when you are used to smoking every single day.
4 - Cherish the moments! The immense urge to smoke has lead you to miss many important and fun things in your life. Whether it is an important part of the movie or interruption during an important conversation or just being able to stay on your desk for more than an hour. Well, switching to e-cigarettes will resolve that problem for you.
3 – Not so fun stuff- Let’s be honest, there are several ways to quit smoking and it will be great for you but there are certain withdrawal symptoms as well. You might experience headaches and trouble in concentrating for the first week. But, hang in there, they will go away soon.
2 – Warmer acceptance- Let’s be real, we live in a world where we are constantly being judged and smoking doesn’t make quite good of an impression. As soon as you switch to vaping, you will surely get a warmer acceptance for people around you.
1 – Savings- Let’s be real who wants to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on cigarettes. You will save a heck load of money after switching to vaping.

So, these were the 10 changes you will certainly experience after you switch to vaping.